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In the Create Virtual Machine dialog box enter "windows 8.1" as the name of the operating system. virtualbox will fill in the rest of the details.


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Installing windows 8 Consumer preview in virtualbox. Launch virtualbox and create a new virtual machine. Name it and select windows and windows 8 as the operating system and version.


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Virtualizing windows 8 Release preview is a breeze with virtualbox...
The good news is that virtualbox (I’m testing with version 4.1.8 on windows 7) is fully prepared for running the windows 8 Consumer preview (and now the Release preview)...

Install windows 8 Release preview on virtualbox with Working Guest...
This guide shows how to install windows 8 release preview on virtualbox with working guest additions tools, so you will get better performance (including more screen resolutions) inside virtual...

...begin Install windows 8 Developer preview inside virtualbox on windows 7
Assuming you’ve already downloaded the windows 8 Developer preview ISO and installed virtualbox on your machine.