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The new ectaco Partner ETg500 is a bilingual English tagalog translating dictionary and so much more. Designed to let anyone understand and communicate instantly...
Welcome to the ectaco English - spanish Online dictionary! Please be our guest here as we invite you to experience what our comprehensive language databases can do for you.


...electronic dictionaries. English tagalog language translators ectaco.


...electronic dictionaries. English tagalog language translators ectaco.
English tagalog language electronic translators ectaco. tagalog words and phrase translation. tagalog dictionaries, vocabulary, grammar.
This particular dictionary contains spanish, English and tagalog words from the early 20th century.

ETg400T - English-tagalog Talking Electronic dictionary The ectaco Partner...
Pocket Translators and Electronic Dictionaries - tagalog. ectaco Speech-to-Speech Military SpeechGuard GI-4t for...

Best Nokia dictionary tagalog Free Download: ectaco dictionary English...
Nokia dictionary tagalog Shareware and Freeware Downloads by LingvoSoft, Beiks LLC, Stefan van Roosmalen, ectaco, Inc. ...

English - tagalog dictionary - Android Apps and Tests - AndroidPIT
Very nice tagalog-english dictionary Best tagalog dictionary for the price. No need for internet connection to use this. Samsung galaxy s 2.

Electronic dictionary ectaco.
support: Handheld Czech electronic dictionary and language software.Czech languages software for PALM, POCKET and Nokia.