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...patch contains a total of 24.3 mg of testosterone and delivers 5 mg...
How should I use Androderm? The recommended *** starting dose is one 24.3 mg patch or two 12.2 mg patches (supplying 5 mg testosterone every 24 hours) applied to a clean...

3. topical gels: testosterone gel / androgelž
In order to have a low normal serum testosterone level, you need to apply either 2, 2.5 mg Androderm patches to the skin daily or apply 1, 5.0 mg patch daily.

Name of medicine
Two Strengths of Androderm Transdermal patches are available which deliver in vivo 2.5 mg or 5 mg of testosterone per day across skin of average permeability.
313233. testosterone 4 MG per 24 HR Transdermal Patch. SY.