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arnold schwarzenegger 3 - soundboard Archive - Prank Call ...
Another arnold schwarzenegger soundboard. ... If you liked arnold schwarzenegger 3, you may also enjoy... Comments


Ultimate Arnie soundboard -
the Best arnold schwarzenegger soundboard in ... I can tell you without a doubt in my mind that this is the BEST arnold soundboard in terms ... get to da ...


Predator - get to the chopper - YouTube
Famous line from the movie Predator said by arnold schwarzenegger.


get to da choppa! - YouTube
Some sound advice from everyone's favorite action hero.
Celebrating the arnold schwarzenegger one liner - Den of Geek
"get to the chopper.", "You're one ugly motherflipper," (obviously edited for f-bombs), and "Knock Knock".Luke offers his tribute to the one-line spouting action movie wonderment of Arnie, as he picks some of the schwarzenegger's finest on-screen quips.